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Managed DataOps Services

Our managed service that continuously ensures your critical data is clean, secure and delivered to end-users in near-real-time.

Our tools-based approach proactively alerts on problems so they can be resolved before affecting your business and ensures optimal performance of your Modern Data Platform.

What is DataOps?

DataOps ensures your critical data is clean, secure and delivered to end-users in near-real-time. Our tools-based approach alert us to problems so they can be resolved before affecting your users and operations.

Why Managed Services?

Data is the nerve to your organization’s digital success. Today’s data platforms are mission-critical, complex, and dynamic in nature. Managing all the integrated components across the data lifecycle has become increasingly difficult and costly.

Most large data platforms consist of dozens of technologies, each requiring specialized skills to manage and support.

Our Managed Services.

With our DataOps service your business can maximize the value of its data and throughout the data lifecycle and its caliber trusted only by Fortune 500 companies.

Proven methodology

Our approach to continuous deployment, high availability, peak performance, and cost optimization throughout the data lifecycle means faster time-to-value.

Internet-scale platforms

Our experience includes building systems and reliable data pipelines that process 1B+ messages per day.

Tools-based approach

Blueshift deploys common enterprise frameworks backed by opensource technology and tools that deliver robust and effective operations.

Blueshift offers a Managed DataOps Service for your entire Modern Data Platform – from ingestion to visualization.

Service Management has a mandate to deliver customer satisfaction

SERVICE DESK (Web, E-mail, Chat, Phone)

SERVICE DESK (Web, E-mail, Chat, Phone)







DataOps ensure that data quality is preserved to deliver business-ready data pipelines

Platform operations

Regular maintenance, upgrades, backup to ensure that your data platforms operate at peak efficiency, are secure and can be recovered quickly and efficiently should the need arise.

Cloud infrastructure management

Platforms are designed to grow and scale dynamically based on your business needs. With infrastructure as code, new infrastructure can be deployed quickly with minimal risk.

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Performance optimization

Proactive platform performance monitoring with routine health checks and proprietary tools that identify configuration modification opportunities, reduces issues and accelerates time to resolution.

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Data lifecycle management

From ingestion to consumption, our teams of database administrators, data engineers, ETL developers, and data visualization experts can provide a seamless solution for your complete data pipeline.

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On-time data delivery & availability

Performance is measured, and the necessary actions are taken at every stage of the data flow. Service level agreements (SLA) guarantee availability that meets your performance needs.

Cost optimization

Optimize your monthly costs up to 30% of your cloud cost. We'll help you rightsize cloud computing resources as your environment scales.

Data Governance is a Shared Responsibility

Shared responsibility of the Data Governance Council relieves your operational burden as Blueshift operates, manages and data engineering controls in which the platform operates. 

Data Stewardship

Data Stewardship activities, established by the Council, aligns and coordinates Blueshift's Advanced DataOps services.

Advanced DataOps

Modern approach to manage data availability, usability, integrity, and security so data is protected & available by necessary systems.

Data integrity

Assurance is continuously checked on the fly, triggering self-healing mechanisms that correct problems detected at the earliest possible time.