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Digital Transformation with Velocity.

Fractional CxO services drive the speed and direction of your digital transformation. We build or transform your organization into world-class product and engineering teams that create happier customers.

Let's talk numbers

Successful strategies and tactics to achieve most ambitious goals.

Engineers hired
Revenue growth
4 years
Average engineer retention when onboard

Our Methodology

Our experience spans the gamut from building new products and technology innovation teams, digitally transforming existing enterprises, and turning around businesses.


Using best practices and our 20+ years of experience that have been battle tested to evaluate your situation.
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Coaching focused on developing a growth mindset for your key stakeholders that overcome obstacles or challenges.
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Plan & Co-execute

Formulate and co-execute a strategic plan to achieve our outcomes with speed – that is making the boat go faster.
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Our C-Suite Services

The benefits of having an experienced executive leader on your side who has already been there, overcome that - without investing the time and money in a full-time hire.
We evaluate what worked and didn't work last time, how the organization needs to change, and the key attributes needed for your next C-suite leader to be successful. We'll even help you interview and select the right candidate.
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Direct investments and design solutions that help it reach its objectives using technology.

Chief Product Officer (CPO)

Chief Product Officer (CPO)

Leads the creation of products that deliver value to both customers and the business.

Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

Enables an enterprise to use digital information and modern technologies that creates value.

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Enables effective use of information and technology to achieve business objectives.

All the support you need to build a world-class tech team

Implement the right processes to build the best products - on time, with higher quality

Strategy & Executive Guidance

Engage to enhance and solidify your technology strategy

Product Planning & Roadmapping

Identify the the most impactful features to focus on

Remote Work

Discover tools & processes to foster an effective distributed engineering team

Technology & Architecture Audits

Consult expert on how well your technology will serve your customers

Security & Scalability Audits

Understand your risks and build a plan to mitigate future issues as your team scales.


Find, hire & retain the best engineers at the budgets that works for you

Connect with a Fractional CxO Leader